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Why Dragonfly?

We came up with the name for our business while we were sitting in a cafe writing our business plan on a napkin. Dragonflies had come to mean something for us recently when we were both moving through a time of big transformation and change. Over that summer in 2011 there had been dragonflies everywhere, and the dragonfly had come to be a symbol of change, challenge, growth, hope and courage. It seemed only fitting that our business should take on that same symbolism.

Dragonflies are also unique. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • They don’t wait for others to lead the way – dragonflies were one of the first creatures on the earth to fly.
  • They transform – starting off as an ugly nymph living underwater, they become beautiful, dazzling flying creatures.
  • They do it differently – dragonflies can do things that no other insects can do with body structures no other insects have. They can fly backwards, loop the loop, hover and fly faster than any other insect.
  • They persevere – dragonflies pre-date the dinosaurs and can stay in the air all day without landing.
  • They can see multiple perspectives simultaneously – they have about 30,000 lenses in their eyes with 360 degree vision.
  • They embrace diversity – there are about 5,000 different species of dragonflies all over the world.
  • They demonstrate calm excellence – they only flap their wings 30 times a second, compared to other insects that flap their wings 300 times a second.
Dragonflies are unique – they lead, transform, embrace diversity, persevere with calm excellence and have the ability to see multiple perspectives simultaneously and survive.