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How we’re different

We’re here to support for-purpose organisations, to create a more just world. We’re a consultancy that helps you create and implement imaginative solutions to stubborn challenges through sound social business models. Unlike other consultancies, we combine our academic research with practical experience from the street to the Board room, to bring fresh perspectives that work in practice.

There’s a few things that make us a little different from other social change support organisations.

Our experience

We have hands on experience in the academic, for-profit, social enterprise and charity sectors across Australia, the UK and Europe. We have created new projects that address poverty and social exclusion in new ways. We’re an intergenerational team with experience across the UK and Australia from the street to the Boardroom.

Our process and tools

Our process is critical, analytical, flexible and creative. We offer afresh set of eyes to old challenges, allow for a ‘reality check’ on internal ‘myths’, provide opportunity for more objectivity, and open up learning.

These are just some of the tools we use:

  • Organisational Assessment Tool – identifies organisational weaknesses and strengths across financial management, external stakeholder relations, governance and management.
  • Strategic Planning Tool – identifies the key strategic areas, goals, outcomes, outputs, tactics and measures for three to five year plans – a simple and flexible tool that encourages new ways of thinking and exploring the future.
  • Enterprise Business Planning Tool – a robust set of procedures to keep a program or product creating maximum social impact.
  • Critical Thinking & Analysis Tool – a simple yet penetrating approach to identifying ‘myths’, worldviews and biases that may cloud the horizon with pre-committed views and inhibit openness to future innovation.

Our collaborative approach

There is no shortage of passion in the impact sector, but often opportunities for working with others who can enhance your impact are missed. We bring together organisations and groups that share a common purpose. We believe that two heads are always better than one, and that there are numerous untapped win-win opportunities for organisations to collaborate.

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