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Advocacy and Education

We believe that advocating for those whose voice is silenced or muted by systems and ideologies that consciously or unconsciously keep people living with poverty and social exclusion, is a critical aspect of our purpose.

We believe that when people aren’t educated on the causes of injustice, and when the people who are educated stay silent, injustice will spread.

This is why advocacy and education are vital parts of The Dragonfly Collective’s work. Education, raising awareness and specific campaigns are all part of advocating for a more just world.

Many of us enjoy the benefits of living in an affluent society and are often unaware that serious poverty and injustice exists for people living in Australia.

These injustices are broad-based and diverse. They include the original people of this land, women exiting prison, asylum seekers, women escaping domestic violence, the working poor, early school leavers, those caught in a punitive justice system that provides no restorative justice options . . . as well as those suffering from addictions, the homeless and young single parent families living in locations of high generational disadvantage, just to name a few.

The Dragonfly Collective will actively publish pieces on this website and wherever other opportunities exist that advocate for a more just world, including advocating for specific groups of people still living in unjust circumstances in Australia and overseas.

We recently taught a program at Whitley College (University of Melbourne) on community development, community engagement, advocacy & social innovation.

As opportunities arise we will use whatever media are available to advocate on behalf of those without a voice and to seek to raise awareness in society of the plight of those who are the ‘invisible poor’ in our own country and overseas.