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Critical Thinking (challenge)

We challenge established thinking, systems and institutions that create injustice, and invite others to think critically with us.

We believe two simple questions are useful in moving beyond the ‘problems’ of today into a different future: why are things the way they are, and whose interests does that serve?

We believe the meanings we choose are directly embedded into the worldviews we all have. We believe that a critical issue for the ongoing development of society and culture (as well as organisational models and service delivery) is how our unconscious acceptance of the worldviews we hold determines how we ‘do business’.

We believe that unconscious worldviews and presuppositions can be the enemy of innovation, strategic planning and the development of new models for change.

Critical thinking and analysis about why we choose the meanings we do and how they affect the performance of our organisations (and indeed the way we live our lives and the effect that has on others who are struggling in society) is an essential tool in unmasking systems and structures that promote injustice and keep people living lives of poverty.

Critical thinking is also an essential tool in unmasking the systems and assumptions (the worldviews and the unconscious commitments) that often can keep organisations from excellence in customer service and delivery. Critical thinking and analysis, along with solutions-focused complex problem-solving, are fundamental tools applied to all the services we offer at The Dragonfly Collective.