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What is The Dragonfly Collective?

The Dragonfly Collective is a social business working with others to tackle inequality. We support socially conscious organisations to enhance their social impact and encourage citizens to engage in change. We're for people who are fed up with inequality and who are working to do something about it. Let's make things uncomfortable for the keepers of the status quo.

Post Trump & Brexit: the communications challenge

The left is loosing.

We throw our hands in the air in despair and disbelief and ask why? How is it possible that when we ask the public what they want, they choose Trump and Brexit?

But they didn’t choose Trump and Brexit – they chose ‘not this’. Not more of what I have now, because it’s not working for me. They voted for change.

And that offer of change was sold using very simple stories, based on deep emotional truths.

Both the Trump and Brexit campaigns used very clever communication. Read more

What can collective impact offer in solving our biggest social challenges?

The most entrenched social challenges of our times will only be solved when people and organisations work together – across sectors, across borders and across cultures (local and global). We know this. But while people and organisations have been collaborating for years in many different forms, there has been less embedding of frameworks that enable collaboration to generate significant impact. Collective impact offers one approach with potential, but how exactly do we make it work here? Our recent research on collective impact in the UK offers some suggestions.
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